Food & Behaviour

Early Years OSHC Schools - Teachers & Other

Have you ever thought there might be a link between food, eating patterns and behaviour?

This session provides participants with the skills and knowledge to identify foods and eating patterns that can cause undesirable behaviours and poor health and poor learning outcomes in children.

Topics include:

  • Desirable and undesirable behaviours, health and learning outcomes
  • The 3 food groups that children particularly struggle with and food ideas
  • The importance of breakfast
  • Drinks
  • Sometimes foods
  • Fussy eating
  • Children’s vitamin supplements
  • Allergies, sensitivities, intolerances and additives
  • Sources of credible information
  • Introducing children to cooking


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  • 60-90 minute presentation
  • Delivered by qualified Dietitians/Nutritionists
  • Reflects the National Quality Framework – Standard 2.1