Food for Us

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This workshop is targeted to years 1-6 and adapted accordingly.

The ‘Food for Us’ workshop is a creative, interactive workshop utilising models and hands on activities.

Hands on activities can include:

  • Food and our body
  • Our healthy eating day
  • Sugar in drinks
  • Vegetable taste testing


Possible learning outcomes and experiences 

Prep – year 2

  • Students are able to name parts of their body and how their body is growing
  • Students are able to identify foods and food groups
  • Students can identify different vegetables,  how they are prepared and their sensory qualities
  • Students can describe how healthy foods affect our well being
  • Students can create positive health messages that promote healthy eating decisions and behaviours


Years 3 – 4

  • Students are able to identify and practice healthy eating behaviours which promote health and well being
  • Students are able to discuss nutrition information messages in the media and on the internet
  • Students are able to describe ways to make their school a place that supports healthy eating
  • Students are able to discuss how food practices can differ between families, communities and cultural groups
  • Students gain an appreciation of food production methods and technologies


Years 5-6

  • Students are able to read food labels to assist with healthy eating (strategy to promote well being)
  • Students are able to discuss how media messages affect healthy eating behaviours
  • Students are able to discuss how healthy eating promotes and maintain well being for individuals and communities
  • Students are able to describe the role of food preparation in maintaining good health and the importance of food safety and hygiene


The Food for Us workshop is a 60 minute workshop.  Our Dietitians and Nutritionists can visit your school and provide up to 5 workshops during the day (maximum 30 students per workshop).


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