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  1. Healthy profitable menus

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    This interactive 2 hour workshop for tuckshop convenors and P&C executive members is tailored to meet your schools needs and help your journey towards a successful healthy tuckshop menu.

  2. Nutrition Hot Topics for Aged Care: Dementia & Wound Care

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    NAQ Nutrition’s ‘hot topic’ seminars and workshops provide up to date, current evidence-based information  and  address emerging nutrition related issues experienced in the aged care setting.

    Two of our popular ‘hot topic’ seminars include:
    1) dementia and the use of finger foods

    2) the role of nutrition in wound care.


    1) Nutrition and Dementia

    NAQ Nutrition’s ‘Nutrition and Dementia’ seminar outlines the importance of understanding dementia and how quality care, nursing and foodservice staff can greatly impact residents overall nutrition and hydration.

    Participants will develop and enhance their knowledge, skill and confidence in:

    • the importance and benefit of utilising finger foods for residents with dementia
    • the preparation of an appropriate finger food menu
    • maintenance of  resident independence
    • maintenance of fine motor skills
    • maintenance of nutritional status and meal/food compliance for  the resident.

    2) Nutrition and Wound Care

    Would you like to know more about  how nutrition can aid in the prevention and treatment of wounds? If so, this hot topic seminar is for you.

    This NAQ Nutrition seminar outlines the key role nutrition plays in the management and progression of wounds. Participants will leave with:

    • a broad knowledge and skill base in the nutritional risk factors that impact on  wound healing
    • practical nutrition strategies in the prevention and treatment of poor skin integrity.


    This seminar would benefit both nursing and care staff.

  3. Managing Food and Drink When Swallowing Problems Occur

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    An interactive and informative workshop to equip participants with skills and knowledge surrounding dysphagia, texture modified meals and thickened fluids. Participants will gain hands-on experience in the provision of texture modified meals and fluids and skills, knowledge and confidence in understanding how to achieve optimal nutrition and hydration when swallowing problems occur.

  4. Preventing and Managing Malnutrition

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    This popular seminar will equip participants with the necessary tools to provide quality nutrition care in their facility.

    The presentation is designed to provide your staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to prevent and manage  malnutrition and identify residents requiring additional nutrition support.  Topics include:  in :

    • the provision of high protein high energy diets as first line treatment
    • when and how to use supplement drinks and modules
    •  practical suggestions to encourage and monitor food and fluid and where necessary, nutritional supplement consumption.

    Attendance at this seminar will assist your facility to achieve best practice in nutrition and malnutrition and to meet accreditation requirements in relation to malnutrition screening and identification, prevention and management.

  5. Healthy Eating on the Road

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    Ever found yourself struggling to stay awake when driving? The foods we eat can have a great impact on how we feel on a long road trip.

    This workshop discusses a wide variety of food that will help improve concentration, energy levels and reduce fatigue.

  6. Nutrition for Shift Workers

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    Learn how to power your body with the right fuel, at the right time. Healthy snack ideas and better take away choices will be provided. Includes tips for staying active when working shifts.

  7. Weight for Change

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    Want to get out of the diet cycle? Learn how to translate your resolutions into action. This presentation discusses weight loss essentials and provides participants with a deeper understanding of the nutritional value of food and effective  strategies for successful weight management.

  8. Virtual Supermarket Tour

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    Do you know how to read and interpret a food label? Everyone needs to know how to navigate the tricky maze of making healthy food choices! Participants gain the skills to understand what’s in our food and how to best select food products when at the supermarket.


    Virtual supermarket tour

  9. Boost Your Energy

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    Needing a boost? Want to get the most out of every day? Find out about the link between what you eat, when you eat and how this affects your day to day performance and energy levels. Gain practical diet tips to really boost your energy.

  10. Meeting Nutrition Requirements in OSHC

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    Face to Face – Meeting Nutrition Requirements for OSHC educators

    This informative nutrition session aligns with the National Quality Standard, My Time Our Place and the Smart Choices Strategy and is perfect to include on your quality improvement plan.

    It is designed to raise awareness and understanding of the current healthy eating guidelines and nutrition requirements for school aged children

    Topics include:

    • Dietary requirements for children
      • Food groups
      • Serve sizes
      • Required serves per day
    • The Smart Choices Strategy
    • Understanding food labels
    • Allergies and Intolerance


    This session is specifically designed for educators working in the OSHC setting that provide food for children.

    Enquire for more information and a quote to include a healthy snack demonstration and tasting with this session.


    Online Meeting Nutrition Requirements for for OSHC educators

    Level 1 Nutrition Requirements for OSHC Educators

    This training covers the nutrition basics that all staff working in the OSHC sector need to be aware of.

    Our Online Nutrition training can help settings meet and exceed their requirements under the National Quality Standard.

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