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  1. Healthy profitable menus

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    This interactive 2 hour workshop for tuckshop convenors and P&C executive members is tailored to meet your schools needs and help your journey towards a successful healthy tuckshop menu.

  2. Menu Planning for Early Years Settings

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    Do you provide food for children in your care?

    This session will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to create menus with healthy meals and snacks that meet children’s nutritional requirements each day.

    Topics include:

    • Guidelines to consider when creating a menu in the early childhood setting
    • Children’s nutritional requirements and key nutritional considerations
    • Menu planning – the process
    • Practical activity – devise a one week menu


  3. Menu Planning for Aged Care Settings

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    This workshop is designed for catering staff of aged care facilities and will allow participants to:

    • Improve their knowledge of how  well prepared cyclic menus can contribute towards meeting the nutrition components of the Commonwealth Standards for Residential Aged Care Facilities
    • Gain the skills necessary to write a cyclical menu for the  Aged Care Facility where they work, that provides adequate variety and meets the nutritional needs of residents

    This workshop covers : Texture modified diets; malnutrition management;nutrition & dementia; high fibre and low fibre diets; and catering for allergies and intolerances.