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Most NAQ courses are offered both as Face to Face and Online courses. If a course is only available as Face to Face or Online, we have labelled it for you.

F2F Face to face only Online Online only

NAQ Nutrition hosts cooking workshops as part of Logan City Council’s Live Well Logan program. Some information about our Live Well logan workshops: Open to Logan residents 18 years old and over. $5 per person. Pay via PayPal or cash on the day. All participants must wear closed in shoes. You will receive a confirmation […]

This practical and interactive workshop explores strategies for Educators to make mealtimes with children in care positive, relaxed and social.  The workshop clearly links with the NEW National Quality Framework. Content includes: The mealtime environment Engaging children in conversations Positive strategies to encourage children to try new foods Choosing appropriate language when talking about food […]

NAQ Nutrition (Nutrition Australia Queensland) offers quality online training that meets the flexible learning needs of participants. Our early years series is specifically designed to meet the needs of Early Years Educators.

NAQ Nutrition hosts cooking workshops on behalf of the Brisbane City Council’s Growing Older and Living Dangerously (GOLD) program. Our hands-on workshops allow participants to learn how to create healthy and tasty meals. Some information about our GOLD cooking workshops: Open to Brisbane seniors. $5 per person. Pay via PayPal or cash on the day. Participants are […]

NAQ Nutrition’s ‘hot topic’ seminars and workshops provide up to date, current evidence-based information  and  address emerging nutrition related issues experienced in the aged care setting. Two of our popular ‘hot topic’ seminars include: 1) dementia and the use of finger foods 2) the role of nutrition in wound care.   1) Nutrition and Dementia […]

An interactive and informative workshop to equip participants with skills and knowledge surrounding dysphagia, texture modified meals and thickened fluids. Participants will gain hands-on experience in the provision of texture modified meals and fluids and skills, knowledge and confidence in understanding how to achieve optimal nutrition and hydration when swallowing problems occur.

This popular seminar will equip participants with the necessary tools to provide quality nutrition care in their facility.

What is food variety and why is it important? Planning balanced meals is important and we will show you how.

If your goal is to lose weight or improve your exercise performance, the right foods can help fuel your body in the right way.

Learn more about foods that will help improve concentration, energy levels and reduce fatigue when on the road.

Ever found yourself struggling to stay awake during a shift? Learn how to power your body with the right fuel, at the right time.

Want to get out of the diet cycle? Hear from a Dietitian and find out key tips for keeping weight under control.

Learn how to make the best choices in the supermarket and how to compare products.

Needing a boost? Want to get the most out of every day? Gain practical diet tips to really boost your energy.

An informative, in depth nutrition session covering the latest healthy eating guidelines and food group requirements for children of primary school age.

A practical nutrition information session for parents of young children to help develop healthy eating practices from an early age.

Find out how food and eating patterns affect children’s behaviour; impact on growth, development, learning ability, and risk of nutrient deficiencies.

Food labels can be very confusing! Find out what to look for so you can make the healthiest choice.

Be up to date with latest research and guidelines on introducing first foods for babies; ensuring baby is ready; helping to prevent allergies.

An informative, in depth nutrition session covering the latest healthy eating guidelines and food group requirements for young children.

Workshop for primary school students. Creative, interactive workshop utilising models and hands on activities.

Practical tips for parents to help kids eat well to maximise their growth and development.

Practical tips for parents to help teens develop healthy eating patterns and a positive relationship with food.

A workshop for parents, sharing our top tips to maximise their children’s learning, concentration and behaviour.

The practical skills developed in a cooking workshop are a lasting gift that helps make it easier for participants to live healthier lives.

Host a live cooking demonstration in your workplace with one of our Dietitians. A fun and interactive team activity promoting staff wellbeing.

The workshop explores basic food hygiene principles, safe temperature and storage control and the development of key skills to prevent food contamination.

The best option for a quick, up to date information session on safe food handling for your setting. Perfect to include on your quality improvement plan.

The best option for a quick, up to date information session on safe food handling. Perfect to include on your quality improvement plan.

Are children with allergies and intolerances on the rise in your setting? Find out how to best manage this situation and ensure children are safe.